Polský lexikon religionistiky (Leksykon religioznawczy) (pp. ). Review by: Josef Karola. Read Online · Download. Warszawa PWN. — (). Religioznawstwo polskie [Polish Science of Religion] . In Leksykon religioznawczy [Lexicon of the Science of Religion], Włoska lewica chrześcijańska by Mirosław Nowaczyk(Book) 3 editions published in in Polish and held by 4 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Franz.

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Divine Word Missionaries Anthropos Institute. The goal I have set myself is to make the Anthropos Institute an integral part of the life and mission of the Australian Province and as a possible case study for other provinces. The aim is not to have buildings and offices but a network, a closely linked organisation of scholars sharing the same vision and concerns, and coming together regularly to compare notes and to support each other leksykoon their work and research.

These scholars focus their research on the Australian society, especially on the groups with whom the confreres are working.

The province has given me a chance to move in that direction by appointing me Provincial Mission Education and Research MER coordinator. The loss of our sociologist, Fr.

Pio Estepa, though it was a gain for the Generalate, was a real setback for my plans but it is a situation that other provinces might experience and leksy,on programmes must adapt to these concrete situations.

I accepted this position as MER coordinator because it gives me a chance to promote what Fr. General Pernia calls the “Anthropos Tradition” in our Australian province and to marry the anthropological interests to the missiological ones. The danger for the missiological religioznawczt is to be too theological, too biblical and not sufficiently grounded in the reality of society, cultures, and religions. One needs specialisation in these latter fields, a specialisation only professional social and religious scientists can provide.

MER can be used as a step in the direction of such an interdisciplinary approach. I see MER also as the structure, bringing together on the provincial level, those already working in the specialised field of cultures and religions religooznawczy be they anthropologists, missiologists, sociologists or religionists – with those still involved in the religiozhawczy studies.

The regular meetings should help and encourage the members, and further our specialised SVD commitment in Australia. As Australian MER coordinator I was able to travel to India to the Asia-Pacific MER Coordinators meeting and I used that trip to visit and speak to all our novices and seminarians in that country on lekksykon Anthropos Tradition, distributing also a leaflet which had been printed in our Australian mission office.

India has a long tradition of involvement in the study of cultures and religions of the marginalized. Today the Society asks us to widen the scope of our research to include all the peoples among whom we work. These are new leksyon confronting our seminarians. I was able to do the same for the SVD lekshkon in PNG, reminding them of our long Anthropos tradition, as expressed by the Melanesian Institute at Goroka, which our Society has initiated and kept alive and effective.


Maria Michał Kowalski – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

religiozanwczy The history of this Institute indicates that without the specific SVD support it would have closed down reilgioznawczy ago. As a lecturer at the Yarra Theological Union, I am part of the contribution of our province to the local church in terms of awareness of the role of culture in our Christian life and especially in the mission of the church.

Not only the faculty members but the students as well have come to realise, more and more, that the SVDs are people specialised in the field of cultures, religions, and the mission of the church.

I hope that the Anthropos Institute can be seen for what it is, the expression of the SVD commitment to the professional study of cultures and religions. I will also give an introduction to the Anthropos Tradition to our community here at Dorish Maru, when the new students join us in February.

Events Peksykon fifty years of the death of Wilhelm Schmidt and the one hundred years of the Anthropos journal are the two events that have already begun to enliven the Lekskon Institute. Poland opened the cycle of celebrations as Fr. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Fr.

The sanctuary as a means of organizing urban space: a case study of selected sanctuaries in Poland

The first day of the conference took place at the University in Olsztyn. Zimon presented the role of W. Schmidt in the ethnological and religious studies, Fr. Piepke talked about the importance of the research of the Anthropos Institute for the mission and Fr. In the evening Fr. Piotr Nawrot conducted the Capella Gedanensis Ensemble performing baroque music from Latin America based on his musicological research.

Was Contemporary Aspects of Islam. Muslim Brothers in Jordanby Fr. Grodz The Christ – Older Brother. The final summary paper was presented by Fr. Rosinski – “Originality of the ethnological studies of the members of the Society of Divine Word.

Besides an index of Anthropos – on a CD and also an index of authors are being prepared.

Nowaczyk, Mirosław

Finally there will be a celebration in the Museum. Reviewing a book now and then for the Anthropos. Translating some items from German into English for the Anthropos. Working on a le,sykon of Thomas Cardinal Tien. He hopes to have the rough draft by the middle of next year. Cremers Guus Guus’s main activity seems to be writing. This year he published Erik Fromm: Masyarakatbebas Agresivitas pp.

Two volumes on Human Rights, prepared in cooperation with a team from Ledalero, will appear next year and he repigioznawczy already working on two more titles. Religion, Truth, and Scholarship. Essays in Honor of Klaus Klostermaier; pp. He worked in Communications for the event and helped produce a video. He spent December on field research in Enga.

Christianity and Native Cultures: Cross Cultural Publications The Election in Papua New Guinea. Church Affiliation in Papua New Guinea. South Pacific Journal of Mission Studies, no.

Reprinted in Catalyst, 34, no 2: Glinka Josef Josef, as emeritus professor, is free from the routine of campus activities but still gives some lectures and he is very often an examiner for Ph.


In the winter semester he gave a course in human biology and bioanthropology at the Dept. Together with his collaborators Josef is preparing a new edition of his handbooks on Anthropometry and Physical Anthropology.

Gnanaprakasam Lazar Lazar is provincial in Hyderabad India and he writes: As I am fully involved in the Province Administrative work, I am unable to do much work in Anthropology; however, I do have some teaching commitments.

In the province 30 per cent of our people are tribals. I am visiting them regularly and I am doing a survey amongst them. Having being trained by Fr. Stephen Fuchs I am enthusiastic to put up an Anthropological Re,igioznawczy in this province. There is a lot of work and it is exiting field of cultural Anthropology. He presented religioznwaczy following papers: The Power and the Glory: Popular Religion in Northern Ghana, Oxford: Regnum Books International in conjunction with Orbis Books in press.

Leksgkon Lang, pp. Ghana,’ In Irene Odotey rdligioznawczy. Chieftaincy and Democra-tization in Ghana. He gave the rellgioznawczy courses: He presented the following papers at different symposia: Street Children – new phenomenon of African towns. Contemporary Problems of Black Africa.

Spider’s Web or Penicillin? Divine Word Missionaries and Religion Studies. Leksykon socjologii religii, entries: Piepke Joachim Joachim is director of the Anthropos Institut Sankt Augustin and rector of the Hochschule where he is also professor of systematic theology.

He is member of the editorial staff of Anthropos and is responsible for the websites of the Institute and of the Hochschule. Weltweit artikuliert, kontextuell verwurzelt. Theologie und Kirche Lateinamerikas vor den Herausforderungen des “dritten Subjekts”. Die heilige Barbara in Brasilien. World Religions with a sociological focus ; Culture Area Study: Latin America a course in Latin American Studies ; Introduction to Anthropology a basic “” course for freshmen ; Asian Philosophy a course co-taught with a philosophy faculty member; my part concerned social aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism ; Introduction to Religioznwwczy.

Applied Anthropology for Missionaries this course, previously termed “Anthropology and Mission” was completely revamped and given a new title. He developed a brand new course “Positivism-Modernity-Cultural Change. Postma Antoon Antoon submitted to the National Archives of Manila a year long research study of pages, entitled: It includes the oldest detailed description of the Mangyans, and their relationship with the rreligioznawczy population.

This is preparation for a printing of copies in Preparation for, and execution of an in-depth Cultural Presentation of the Mangyans, organized and sponsored by the Philippine Cultural Center, performed grandly and with much dedication.

Many Mangyans participating and performing, completely recorded with videotape. Preliminary Study on the geographic names occurring in the oldest Tagalog dictionaries. Survey on the possible publication of the oldest Span.

He is willing to undertake it, without setting immediate deadlines but within a period of tow years, with regular reporting on its progress, Starting with Dec.