Adam lay Ybounden Lyrics: Adam lay ybounden / Bounden in a bond; / Foure thousand winter / Thought he not too long / And all was for an apple / An apple that. Adam Lay yBounden is a text written in England around Mediaeval Adam lay bound in limbo for so long that winters passed without his noticing. Most people first hear Ord’s Adam Lay Ybounden in Lessons and Carols, such as the BBC broadcast on Christmas Eve. But I learned it out in.

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There was some restoration of y- forms like yclad and yclept as deliberate archaisms by some. Well, the next two lines are just as intense.

Adam Lay Ybounden – Professor Carol

Therfore we mown y? Again per Online Etymologythe word “find” was findan: Therefore we may singen Deo gratias! The lau concludes by referring to what theologically yboundn be called felix culpa— the Blessed Fault, or Blessed Fall.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The first couplet two lines reflects an early Christian concept that Adam lay in bonds, waiting for four thousand years for the Crucifixion of Christ and His descent into hell Nicene Creed. Substantival, adjectival, and verbal forms other than pa.

Are you seriously asking us to analyse it according to the language conventions of the time? To be honest, we were better than OK.


There are many notable modern choral settings of the text, such as that by Boris Ord. In any event, it matches number with clerks. Retrieved from ” https: As you can see, there were a lot of ways to go out at it, and given the macaronic nature of this text, I would not put too much in finding one form one place and another form another place. We see this scene depicted in an Eastern Christian icon of Christ rescuing the dead, including Adam and Eve, from their graves.

Now the words, like Advent, move closer to The Nativity. Thanks for the explanation about the ge- prefix. The quality of the vowel y in OE was quite different from anything we have today it was like French tuand how it slid into more modern forms was a gradual and uneven process.

Adam lay ybounden – Wikipedia

Adam-ondi-Ahman Tomb of Eve. John Speirs suggests that there is a tone of astonishment, almost incredulity in the phrase “and all was for an apple”, noting “an apple, such as a boy might steal from an orchard, seems such a little thing to produce such overwhelming consequences.

The manuscript on which the poem is found Sloaneff. Email Required, but never shown.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If I could live several lives, I think one of them would surely be spent as a palaeographer.


Adam Lay Ybounden

In medieval theology, Adam was supposed to have remained in bonds with the other patriarchs in the limbus patrum from the time of his death until the crucifixion of Christ the ” winters”. Adam lay yboundenbounden in a bond, Four thousand winter thoughte he not to long; And al was for an appil, and appil that he tok zdam, As clerkes fyndyn wrytynwrytyn in hire book. The OED lists the past tense plural forms of find as:.

Blessed be the time That apple taken was! We decided to inaugurate a formal Lessons and Carols service involving the whole community. Try ybounxen new Free Membership for access to initial Course Units!

Adam lay ybounden

Blessed be this time that apple taken was: Mama’s Affair Good Morning, Eve! Rather, it was written like this:.

Our motley crew consisted of our local optometrist, a computer guru, the county attorney, an administrator from Texas Workforce, two cattle ranchers, two veterinarians, a high-school band director and his wife, and of course, Hank and me.

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